Humanely Raised

Humanely Raised isn't just a distinctive trait of Naturals. It is a fundamental part of the Rovagnati's Responsible Quality Program and its "Good" principle, which shows how important every present and future aspect of this issue is to Rovagnati.

Rovagnati has based its Humanely Raised project on the so-called "5 Freedoms", set out in the "Brambell report" in 1979 by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) in England.

Find out more about the 5 Freedoms:

The Five Freedoms outline five aspects that must be respected to ensure animal welfare. They are ideal conditions that can be applied as a basis for assessing welfare in different farming environments (both intensive and extensive).

Every animal raised by man must be protected from unnecessary suffering.

Rovagnati has gone a step further than the "5 Freedoms": it has developed a special program which establishes specific criteria to be followed, in order to guarantee that pigs are raised within a supply chain of farms that respect good farming practice and animal welfare.

The Naturals Humanely Raised criteria, which certify that the pigs come from audited farms in which animal welfare is a priority, are as follows:

1. Raised on family farms
All breeding farms supplying raw material for Naturals Humanely Raised are family-owned and operated.

2. NO use of antibiotics from birth
Animals cannot be administered any antibiotics from birth to slaughter. If antibiotic therapy is required to protect the animals, it is administered but the pigs are then immediately removed from the supply chain.

3. NO use of hormones
From birth to slaughter, animals cannot be given any type of growth hormone or even natural or synthetic hormones or any other substances that enhance growth, in strict compliance with the EU laws.

4. Fed a vegetarian diet
Pigs are fed an all vegetarian (plant-based) diet at all stages of growth.

5. Stress-free environment promoting natural behavior, movement and socialization
The characteristics required of all farming environments to guarantee appropriate living conditions are as follows:
- all pigs must always have enough straw and fodder
- use of environmental enrichment

6. Free range before delivery
Sows are guaranteed free range up to 7 days before delivery, without using gestation crates.